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Pros If you are a college student and required to intern/volunteer you should find the YWCA (Marietta, GA) to work for you. You will work primarily in the area of domestic violence and will learn a lot about the resources and the ins and outs of the process.

You will however be asked to take 'on call' night time hours to assist victims.

The intention of this website is to spread out the word that violence against women is not ok, a sentiment supported by all of the people who have shared posts or tweets to the #NOTokay hashtag.

Advice to Management The current mission of the YWCA is the elimination of racism and domestic violence.We believe everyone is part of the solution to end violence.Join us and say that violence against young women, girls and non-binary young people is not okay. For every download of Dallas Green’s “Nowhere, Texas”, 100% of the proceeds go to YWCA Canada as we work to end violence against women and non-binary people, increase public awareness, and stop violence before it starts.The training for volunteer/interns/employees is extensive and takes several days. If you are not a college student but someone looking to volunteer, please see the cons section below. You may find the training valuable however even if you decide not to volunteer.Cons As mentioned in the Pros section you will be asked (required for employees) to work night time hours to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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One sided political views were discussed openly and frequently among employees.

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