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I have been since freshman year" he laughed and stretched. He was one of those guys who sags his pants HELLA low. I get real stressed at theeese things" "fo sho, i feel ya" he lit up and slowly inhaled. "you wanna go under the bleachers and smoke a jay" "cool" i replied.

"dude can I bum one from you, I hella need one after this.

I have wanted to jump you since freshman year." I don't know why i was telling him this. "not here bro folow me." josh led me into the football locker room. " ok thug, i want you to suck me off aight" I was so excited. let me have it." Josh pulled up his pants a bit, but they were still sagging hella low.

i was sagging low too so he didn't even have to take off my pants.

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Yeh kahani hai aaj se 2saal purani, jab meri badi behan Soni Jo ki 28 saal ki hai shaadi karne ke 2 saal baad humare ghar chhutiyaan manani aayi thhi.

Par deedi ka momma meri aankho ke aage ghoomne lagg gaya kisi tarah maine apne mann ko samjhaya.

Kuch derr baad deedi nahane bathroom mein chale gayi aur 10min baad naha kar bahar aa gayi. i pulled up my pants and went back to the renunion. your good at that." then he slapped my back and strutted off. I qucikly pulled my shirt over the buldge to hide it. as I leaned to get the drink my shirt moved and my erect member was visible throgh my pants. then he unzipped his pants and whiped out his 7 inch cut memebr.

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