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Estoy disponible para clases de lunes a miércoles 17: 00-22: 00. Soy un profesor de Ingles nativo, responsable y comprometido, con 23 años de experiencia, diplomas universitarios y diplomas que acrediten mi capacidad de enseñar Ingles.

Naturally I speak Spanish, however all classes are 100% in English. Private students/company classes only - no academies please 20€ / hour 27€ / 1.5 hours 35€ /2 hours Soy un hablante nativo de inglés viviendo en Madrid enseñando inglés. Our students are open minded and looking for a communication based way of learning rather than the traditional methods. We are a small dedicated group of teachers offering online classes for teachers in Spain.I'm an open, patient and professional person and my teaching style is communicative, fun and eclectic. Perfect to improve fluency and vocabulary building. You can also contact me right now by email at [email protected] further information. Salary is 12€/hour (60€ a week on average for the 2 days). I am teaching English for a second year and I work in Las Rozas and have availability Monday and Friday from -. I am able to bring games, worksheets, or we can just talk :)Hello! If you live in Madrid but still do not speak Spanish I am here to help you!I am currently offering only ONLINE (Skype) tuition: —- TRIAL LESSON: 10€ for 30 minutes —- A) TAILORED LESSONS (including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, listening and writing). Please let me know your current level of Spanish, availability, goals and hours/week you are willing to do. Stay Wild, Erica GRAMMAR, PRONUNCIATION OR CONVERSATION FOCUSED. I offer dynamic lessons of grammar and pronunciation for children and adults.

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I have extensive experience preparing students for job interviews in a multitude of fields, including consultancy, management, marketing, finance, design, sales, HR, engineering, and many more.

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