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We went out a few times, and I was really getting to like this guy. I had told him early on, when he asked what I thought of his profile, that I thought he had written who he really wanted to be, but wasn't there yet.(He was divorced two years ago and still bitter, had become extremely involved in the church, and was trying to become a better person.)Finally one night we were talking online and I mentioned something from my past, and he said something about maybe he shouldn't be talking to me.I would say that a good chunk of those profiles you say are untrue are probably true, in their eyes. but if you take someone who is always on the go, never sitting at home to watch a movie or catch the news, I might look like I have lied when my idea of active is walking around the park for 6 miles and biking around 20 miles and home in time to catch smallville. You read someone's profile and think of how similar they are to you in beliefs, interests or whatever else you have in common.Or If I think that I eat healthy, and run into a vegan, they will think I am not healthy at all. Then you meet them and realize that what they said in their profile is nothing like how they actually are.He wouldn't allow her to have more than one drink, and didn't like that she ordered a 7/7.

I also started a message on the number of women who play games. I have come to the conculsion that they are mostly bored with themselves, married or single with a boyfriend, like messing with people minds and sometimes they feel it is the truth. EZI think more people misrepresent themselves than tell the truth in general, and I can't figure out if they really believe these things or that they realize they can't score the match they believe they deserve if they represent truthfully.

I guess those that do misrepresent themselves intentionally believe that they have a 50/50 chance (or more) of charming the person into overlooking the embellished upon areas, so they figure they have nothing to lose.

I guess I am lucky, in conversation I can usually tell they are full of BS - when I ask them about the things they say they have in common with me, they can't answer specific stuff if they're lying.

They met at Chili's, where he didn't want to stay at because the parking lot was too crowded and someone might hit his new Harley.

So, they rode around to 4 or 5 different bars looking for somewhere to talk, and each place he'd have an excuse not to visit; the people there were drunks, low-lifes, or gang-members (because he saw a couple of bikes with blue neon lighting up the engine).

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That's when I checked the sex offender registry - found he was convicted two years ago. he DEFINITELY wasn't the person he said he was in the ad.

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