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For night vision, Nest employs 8 IR LEDs—not quite as many as Yi—and a 130-degree wide-angle field of vision.

The Clever Loop indoor camera gives you extremely clear night vision footage with the added bonuses of smart system functionality by the Clever Loop base station.When it comes to uncovering bad guys in the dark, Nest Cam indoor does it just as well as anyone.The Foscam FI9901EP is the most powerful outdoor night vision camera on our list with 30 IR LEDs that help penetrate the darkness up to 65 feet away.Basically, that means it knows the difference between an intruder breaking into your home and your cat jumping up on the couch, so you won’t be bombarded you with unnecessary notifications.Clever Loop also offers free cloud storage giving it a leg-up on close competitors like Nest or Yi who charge subscriptions or only offer local storage.

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