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The Division of Child and Family Services is still headquartered here in the cottages, and the Boy and Girls Club of Western Nevada has made their home here in some of the newer buildings.

But if you work your way past the cottages, past the Boys and Girls Club, you’ll find this squat building simply marked “Gymnasium”.

Take care to remember the differences between this and Fix Fic, especially if the work the fic springs from is a member of the Deconstructor Fleet. "Think about what it's like having all your lover's friends constantly undermining you.

Think about how it makes you doubt yourself, question whether or not you're good for the person you care for so much.

In 1948 the place was renamed to “Sunny Acres”, which was a more cheerful-sounding name than the State Orphan’s Home.

Around the same time there were also structural changes made to the building.

A Fan Fic writer may take the setting, characters, tropes, plots, or the genre as their target.

In the deconstruction above Alice and Bob could work through their angst and stress and come to terms with what happened, and eventually they do come to love each other for each other, and not because they happened to have a baby together.

Deconstruction Crossover is a common form of this and examples of that should go there.

It was built in 1903 to replace the previous orphanage, which had burned down the year before. The very first orphanage in Nevada was located in Virginia City and operated by the Sisters of Charity.

It opened in 1867, but after a couple of years the Legislature decided that taking care of homeless children was the State’s job, so they authorized a State Orphan’s Home to be built in Carson City.

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