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The trade union itself is divided up into different levels, divisions and groups of individuals.

Verdi's smallest regional units are its local districts, which can be formed if several divisions exist on a regional level.With around two million members, Verdi is the second largest German trade union after IG Metall.The trade union is divided into 10 federal state districts and 13 divisions and is managed by a National Executive Board (Bundesvorstand) with 14 members.This matrix system was already a controversial decision back when Verdi was founded and problems concerning the management of the trade union continued to be brought to the forefront after its establishment.Between the National Congresses, the Trade Union Council represents Verdi's highest body.

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These federal state districts decide on the regional structures and dimensions of the districts in mutual agreement, Verdi's divisions are oriented towards the industries and sectors of its members and are responsible for the "tasks involved in the subject-specific representation of member and company-related interests".

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