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I've created a lab to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with PIM-SM and BSR.

There are two sites connected via two Juniper SSG5s (6.3.0r17) with just enough configuration to focus on the problem at ...

Has anybody, following this thread, had any success with D-Link DCS910 and DCS920 cameras? I got the Smartcam HD Pro and its nio even working on the local network - the smartcam app works just fine - ST integration doesnt attach to the stream and fails with errors, the feed selection 1080p/720/360 is completely ignored looking at the query in IDE - so not sure what this 'certified' or 'works with smartthings' is supposed to give you but a buying impulse as in my case it's clearly not working and I had to use this dth to make it work And today even this integration no longer works - I can access it from the Smartcam app but this integration shows unavailable/device inactive at first - you enter the settings and hit done again and you can stream though the device still shows as inactive.. It's possible the way Samsung's former company that did the Smartcam's broke something again.

I realize they're old, but they still work outside of the ST and Generic video apps. Once the streamimg is proved to work over the local LAN, Is there any means to make it work from outside the LAN without NAT using the ST gateway itself? Other IP cameras that are oficial "ST certified" are supposed to do that without a public IP. I just tested it with my standard test suite of cameras... It was never meant to stream locally to unauthorized endpoints.

Direkt starting (startar in Swedish) is the default message for the display. Intinor test units are for internal use by Intinor and partners who are given access to them.My Cisco Nexus configured with HSRP with all the SVI's on as the active on HSRP and SVI's ...I'm trying to get our local Sonicwall NSA 2600 to connect to a AWS VPN, within a VPC.One of their small branches only has a handful (5 or so) of users receiving their internet through a router, a Cisco ...I have this setup with a hybrid of equipment's from Cisco and Ubiquiti Edge routers and Vyos.

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Choosing the right camera is outside the scope of Intinor products.

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