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And Salaam, a former security police officer in the U. Air Force, said he hopes the music of Native Deen and other Muslim rappers and singers will unite people, not divide them.

"Nasheed" or "Anasheed" (plural) in its originality means poetry, but quickly became inclined towards a specific type of poetry where the poem is "sung with tune" Hence maturing into "Islamic Songs"./Pleasin' him was top priority to you no question." Muslim rap album sales are hard to track -- many songs are swapped instead of bought -- but Salaam said Native Deen shows can draw several hundred to several thousand spectators.The group mostly performs at Muslim weddings, conventions and dinners.Nasheeds originate from the controversiality surrounding music in Islam.As several Muslim scholars prohibited the use of musical instruments, a new form of Islamic songs arose, either sung a capella or accompanied by simple percussion instruments.

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