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The haunting lyrics tell the story of what many believe to be the last hours of the man who fought the current Vegas mob - and won.Lawyers for former topless cabaret mogul Rick Rizzolo, who has continued to live a life of luxury despite legal troubles and millions owed in restitution, have negotiated a plea agreement with federal prosecutors to settle the Las Vegas businessman’s latest tax evasion charges. SMITH LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Although Rizzolo can now claim to be indigent, it won’t stop the slow wheels of justice from grinding. A former Las Vegas strip club owner who served prison time for a federal tax evasion conviction seven years ago has been indicted again on charges he tried to evade paying more than .5 million in taxes from 2006 -2011.

The Crazy Horse Too, unlike any other adult business in Vegas, until its closure in July 2007, was the repeated scene of violence, prostitution, extortion, and coercion.Club owner Rick Rizzolo was convicted for beating a patron with a baseball bat in 1985.Police records also reveal nine assault and six robbery cases all involving Crazy Horse Too employees, along with 737 police responses in just 3 years -- many based on customers being beaten after refusing to sign falsified credit card bills -- but there have been no criminal prosecutions.Campbell said he has been able to obtain a sum of money for the Henrys in a settlement with Rizzolo’s ex-wife over funds traced to the Cook Islands...After the November hearing, Campbell had harsh words for Rizzolo. Rizzolo is one of the most despicable human beings I have ever dealt with in my professional career either as a prosecutor or as a civil litigant,” he said.

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