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Some storytellers ignore copyright, some get paranoid about it.

Most try and apply common sense, realising that the laws weren't made to protect artists from the humble storyteller, but from exploitative profit-making businesses.

Original tales however are usually under copyright, unless the author died long ago - usually 70 years, but this can vary between countries.

Note, this is the time after the author died, not after the story was written.

What's new in this update: Iran’s 3-day International Storytelling Festival; updates for several USA festivals (more to go - if you spot defunct or changed info, let me know! It exists in many forms: the traditional folktales around a camp fire, the chanted cultural histories of the African Griot, the mythological stories brought to life by teachers and seekers, the subtle profundities of fairytales, the ingenuities of teaching tales...

); Cuban Oral Storytelling Festival Once upon a time, in the land of storytelling, came a young seeker new to the place. Faq," he cried, forgoing the bell, "What IS this place? All these things and more are part of the grand traditions of storytelling. " "Storytelling is many things to many people," Mr. Faq drew a long, tattered scroll from his cloak and handed it to the seeker. You can even develop a simple computer database for easier, keyword access which will enable you to find suitable stories from your repertoire for a particular theme, age group etc.

But a storyteller almost never recites verbatim from a book, so the exact form of those printed words won't be used, and every telling will be a new version. There are guidelines, but open to much interpretation.

Professional tellers do try and research their sources, partly for this reason.In virtually the whole world it is rare for tellers to tell copyrighted tales, because we have a vast body of traditional tales all in need of telling.Storytellers share freely, often feeling a duty to retell tales from other tellers, and the attitude to laws is somewhat relaxed and pragmatic anyway.Many tellers gradually develop set programmes for a number of popular themes.Find out as much as possible in advance about the performance space, seating arrangements, nature and age of audience, ambient noise levels (amplification may be necessary), purpose or theme of the event.

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