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The summit itself lasted about five days in total and the champions had to be there for all five days.Elite four members and gym leaders only had to be there for three days.She had even formed a rather intimate relationship with a certain red-haired dragon master.One long meeting was all it took to bore every champion in the room but luckily it was the last one for the night."That's all for today we shall meet here tomorrow at eleven," the speaker announced. Cynthia ran to catch up with Lance."Hey Lance," she greeted with her signature smile giving Lance a quick peck on his cheek."Cynthia," Lance replied with a startle."You ready for tonight," she said with a sultry tone.Just a week ago she was crowned champion of the Sinnoh region.

The bottom split up the sides of the legs just above the knees for a sexy appeal.About a few years ago, when the two were just elite four members the two met at the annual ball and hit it off rather quickly.It was a mixture of long distance and a regular relationship.She gave a playful spank on Cynthia's butt."Stop it!" Cynthia said with a laugh of embarrassment."You dress to impress," Fantina added.

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The two made their way to the lobby and walked outside. It belonged to his father who was once the champion of Jhoto decades ago.

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