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This may not work, but you have a much better shot of engaging other family members in the nitty-gritty work of caregiving if you ask for help with something very specific.

If cousin Jane is unwilling then at the very least, use the time she’s there to go in another room and put your feet up for a few minutes...better yet, get out of the house yourself.

I know my Mom does better with predictable regular routines.Sorry that the rest of the family isn't more supportive of all the work you are doing.It might be helpful if the suggestion to limit visitation came from your Mom's doctor or other professional person involved in her care - so you don't seem like the 'bad guy' to the rest of the family.In March my husband and I began the care of his parents.My father-in-law in early stage of Parkinson's dementia.

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My mom is Stage 2 and I have lived with her for 10 years. When my brother and his wife came during the holidays mom was extremely confused. There was a lot more noise, more movement, clothes and things all over, change in meals.... I personally would do whatever it took to keep your care of her easier yet still give her time around people.

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