Invention of radiocarbon dating

The town possessed the earliest hydraulic system of the region and a stele at the base of the pyramid shows glyphs that were associated to the agricultural cycle.Though recognized as the oldest, a central question was how old?

This list includes Graham Hancock and Charles Hapgood, who promoted the extreme age of this pyramid.

Cummings made an estimate of the time required to accumulate the eighteen feet of sediment between the underside of the Pedrigal and the temple pavement.

He estimated, first, the age of the Pedrigal lava flow at 2,000 years, and here came very close to the truth.

Cuicuilco is, as mentioned, recognized as the oldest known civilization of central highland Mesoamerica.

Its founders were villagers dedicated to agricultural activities and developed a complex religious practice with a sophisticated ritual system that included making offerings of lithic and ceramic artifacts in their funerary practices.

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