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Baden-Powell presided over the 1903 annual Boys Brigade display at London's Royal Albert Hall, and became friends with Smith.Today, the Boys Brigade has just over 53 000 youth members, primarily in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Their motto is "Sure and Steadfast", and their object is: "The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness." For ages 5 through 18, each company is split into four sections: Anchor Section (ages 5-8), Junior Section (ages 8-11), Company Section (ages 11-15), and Seniors (ages 15-18). The separate Girls Brigade was founded in 1893, and exists in over 60 countries. Wandervogel (primarily Germany, but some also in Austria & Switzerland)—Started in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century (and pre-dating Baden-Powell's Scouting), the Wandervogel ('migratory bird', representing freedom) movement began among youth and young adults who sought freedom from the strict organization of German society. Originally male only, the movement became coed later.Their individual and collective actions are bringing definition to the term Earth Stewardship and their efforts are weaving a tapestry of planetary healing." The 4 Pillars of the Earth Charter are: 1. The Frontier Girl motto is, "If you see a need, Take the lead!" They also have a Promise ("I promise to love God; Be loyal to my country; and to love my neighbor as myself.") and Creed (comparable to the Scout Law).

Many are also church-centered Christian evangelizing groups, some belonging to specific denominations, and others available to any "bible-believing, evangelical Christian" church that wants to use the program.BSA's Ernest Thompson Seton, Dan Beard, and James West were all members of the Camp Fire Girls Advisory Committee formed that spring.Interestingly, West always regarded the Camp Fire Girls (and not the Girl Scouts) as the girl's equivalent of Boy Scouting.Many (but not all) such organizations consider themselves to be an alternative to Scouting.There is no clear line of distinction between "true" Scouting and "Scout-like" or "Scouting Alternative" programs, nor is there any worldwide agreement on what is "true" Scouting.

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