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The Paul Bunyan is a signature Minnesota destination.Trail users will get their fill of aspens, maples and oaks, and horizon-spanning freshwater lakes; you'll pass 21 along the way.But I really don’t like Air Tran requiring me to pay a charge just to select a seat, and not just a good seat, or a better seat…but any seat.If you don’t want to pay the or more, then take your chances at the gate.Project Information: Volunteers will re-sign and blaze a 15 mile multi-use non-motorized trail system.Volunteers will install a 6×6 wooden directional post at every trail intersection, support trail signs, and plastic tree blazes.

The next minute it is all over, and you ask yourself whether this was real or just an arctic fata morgana.

*** The best places to see the northern lights How to See the Northern Lights: The Best Places and Times for Viewing Auroras Chlk2f *** Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA POES This plot shows the current extent and position of the auroral oval in the northern hemisphere, extrapolated from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES satellite.

The statistical pattern depicting the auroral oval is appropriate to the auroral activity level determined from the power flux observed during the most recent polar satellite pass.

Area Description: James River State Park has three miles of river frontage, 1,500 acres of rolling farm meadows, three fishing ponds, beautiful pastoral vistas, 15 miles of hiking trails, quiet forests, and three miles of riverfront on the James River. project Id=536 *** Volunteer Opportunity, Dan Ridge Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Clearwater National Forest, Orofino, Idaho Partnership with Selway-Bitterroot Foundation Aug. Camp near Dan Ridge, about 5 miles from Colt Creek-White Sand Creek trailhead.

Climate Information: April weather at James River State Park does vary, but typically days are pleasant and nights are cool to cold (freezing weather has usually ended). Six volunteers needed, six already signed up, with two crew leaders (Jim and Mindy Weibush) Camp cook and food provided by Selway-Bitterroot Foundation, along with a packer to carry camp supplies and tools, provided by SBF and USFS. Project includes cutting out trail and doing tread and drainage work.

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*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for February: *** U. further eases Cuba travel restrictions *** Overbooked?

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