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In a DVD exclusive scene, Al tries out for Fox News Channel in "FOX-y Lady" with "Fear-Based Right Wing Agenda Pushing News Stories".Peter, Joe, and Quagmire trace the dirty joke to him and pay him a visit in "The Splendid Source".Page 1 of Family videos filtered al harrington famous ad Join Fanpop com.He hosts an auction for a closed castle-themed restaurant in " The Dating Game ". Set OR Stabbed in the Butt Set OR Circle of Prosperity Board OR 0 Triangle Set OR Fighting Families Set OR Game Show Stewie Show Off Prizes OR Game Show Stewie Shop For Dresses OR Game Show Stewie Practice Smiling OR Game Show Stewie Model OR Game Show Stewie Go For a Spin OR Game Show Peter Spin Too Hard OR Game Show Peter Show Off His Spin OR Game Show Peter Pimp Prizes OR Game Show Peter Host a Party OR Game Show Peter Get Caught Up OR Game Show Peter Critique Contestants OR OR Game Show Cleveland Pamper His Mustache OR Game Show Cleveland Mix Up Names OR Game Show Cleveland Give Bad Advice OR Game Show Cleveland Get Fitted for a Suit OR Game Show Cleveland Flatter Contestants OR Clear Contestant 15 Neckties (Uncommon): Quagmire Get Choked Up OR Game Show Peter Show Off His Spin OR Joe Dress to Impress Once you have finished collecting all the Materials his Costume requires, just tap on the Padlock above Al to pull Al Harrington into your game. He does come with a Questline, If All Else Flails, we’ll have more on that in another post.

He also makes a quick appearance in Blue Harvest as a hologram produced by R2-D2 selling "Intergalactic Proton-Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids" under the name Darth Harrington.Al Harrington is a New Character added during the The Family Game event.As with many costumes in the game in order to get him you have to collect lots of stuff!When Lois asks if Peter has enough time to smoke, Peter says that it's an Al Harrington gag, which is known to be a long joke.He makes a cameo crowd appearances in "The Juice Is Loose" and "Tea Peter".

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He’s the wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man guy, and he’s available to unlock in your game now!!!

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