Dating strike

It was a memorable evening, because that's when Game took the mic and threatened Young Thug.

Sources connected with the production tell us Game then grabbed a loaded gun from his bodyguard's holster and waved it in the air. The final straw was a day later when Thug shot back with a video calling out Game, with a guy in the background holding a semi-automatic weapon.

That search took him to New Orleans earlier this month, where they filmed in a nightclub.We're told the crew told producers they would not continue shooting the show because they felt their lives were in danger.Our sources say show honchos capitulated, and agreed they would not film the rest of the show in nightclubs. How do you counter this seemingly insurmountable probability?By investing small amounts in a large number of funds! The 2 strike rule is my method for determining when each market is about to fall out from under you before you have invested too much. Toss the number, recover what is left in the fund, save yourself from investing more time and effort into a losing proposition!

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