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Kings Who Were Ancestors It is not clear what is meant by the term 'ancestors' for this section of the list.

Their original home at Ninevah is at least that old, while the other two great Assyrian cities, Ashur and Arbel, were founded soon afterwards.The first inscriptions appear after 2000 BC during which time Assyria remained a minor power, but it established trading colonies at Hattusa and Kanesh in Anatolia, both probably within the territory of the Hatti.The first station on that trading route was Sadduwatum, which was ceded by the Yamutbal to Ekallatum.The early kings of Assyria (or priest-princes, as they were often termed) were based at Ashur, which was already the dominant of the three main Assyrian city states.Even during the time of the Kings Whose Eponyms are Destroyed, Ashur had become the capital of a ruling elite.

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