Dating sim games for ps2

The title is supported by a ton of voice acting, and for the most part, the dialogue is pretty good.

For the most part, your characters will act intelligently, using their abilities at the right time or healing characters that need help.You won't be able to continually enter Tartarus night after night, because each time your party enters its halls, they run the risk of becoming exhausted due to the amount of evil in the walls, which makes them vulnerable to attacks.Each floor within a block is stocked with items and Shadows, who will attack on sight.The Personas are pretty creative as well, with everything from unicorns and scantily clad women to brain stems with eyes and moving wisps of hair.But perhaps the most arresting, and potentially disturbing, visual of the game revolves around the summoning of the Personas thanks to the use of the Evoker pistol.

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