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How do you imagine the first kiss with a Russian girl? If you managed to kiss a girl, then you were lucky enough to win her attention, sympathy, and confidence in a certain degree.And kisses help avoid friendship that may put an end to the future of relations.But this commitment is evident not only in relation to her husband, but also to her relatives and the entire Russian people.In response, they just need a decent man’s shoulder on which they could rely.If a Russian woman loves, for her there are no rules, she falls in love once and for life.After a dating with a Russian woman, the question arises: “How to conduct a second date? Even if your first date was perfect, this does not mean that everything is already done and the woman in love with you. The first date is the most important and most difficult among all, because it is necessary to spend it unusual, to know preferences of the girl, what she enjoys in life and more.Such actions might seem vulgar and frighten her off. When you feel the girl is ready for a kiss, you need to make a move. We have already mentioned it – be aware of how your breath smells.Breath rhythmically – try to catch her heartbeat and harmonize your breathing with it. What you should not forget is that you are the one who determines the moment for a kiss. Start with soft pecks; you might even start with kissing the corner of her lips and then move on to something bigger. No need to invade her mouth with it; however, we recommend keeping your mouth slightly open to make that possibility available. Her passion might force her to start exploring your mouth, so do her a favor – give it a chance. It will not ruin your kiss but the impression it might make will be hard to forget.

Any of these signs may push you to try your chances and kiss a girl.

How to Prepare a Girl for a Kiss With experience comes the understanding of whether a woman wants to get a kiss or not.

It is difficult to explain, but it becomes understandable on an intuitive level.

If you were dating a Russian girl you must have noticed that most of them are humble and friendly.

They attach a great importance to the romance, love when men give flowers and read poetry.

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