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Everyone is different, so it would make sense that the way in which we express ourselves won’t always be the same.

In our culture, whenever someone feels excluded, it seems that the impulse now is to bash the thing they’ve been excluded from and thing, one which might possibly encompass the interest of others who are feeling excluded as well.

Choose from a selection of elegant and timeless designs: fabulous storage pieces featuring the best-selling Leather Trunks and Baskets.

The Stationery box is a "Must-Have" - a beautiful piece to pass on as family heirloom.

She chronicles it all on her website Writer Elizabeth Finkelstein is a self-proclaimed old house addict on a lifelong hunt for her perfect historic home.

She chronicles it all on her website Resting on half an acre, this turn-of-the-century home offers an abundance of original historical detail.

Some people have questioned whether the very name “pussyhats” means our movement is saying only people with vaginas can be feminists. Trans people and intersex people and people with any genital anatomy can be feminists and wear Pussyhats™.

Others have sought out locations where they spent childhood holidays or about which they have other happy memories.

Applicants should have no rent arrears or history of anti-social behaviour, and should not be going through possession proceedings or being evicted.

The Seaside & Country Homes scheme is very popular, so we cannot guarantee a move to everyone who applies.

Well, it is if you’ve got three small children, a business run from home, and a garden that can’t accommodate a shed.

That’s where my husband and I were two years ago: not really “living” in London, just treading on toys and yelling “there’s nowhere to put the baked beans”. Tired of using our attic as a “climb-in wardrobe” and our car as a cupboard, we made the leap – and used our uncomfortable perch on the London property ladder to vault into not-so-neighbouring Wiltshire. Having sold our humble three-bedroom Victorian terraced house in south-west London for £720,000 at the end of 2013, we were able to amass sufficient funds (i.e.

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  1. I was quite charmed by the fact that he disregarded our age difference, I am 64, and talked about what really mattered, friendship, wisdom and experience. You may come across the same photo with a DIFFERENT name. He fits the profile and so does she fit the profile of a mark. They have thousands of identities and work at it 24/7. His name is Alex Aiden, 45, grew up in London when he lost both his parents at 10. Internet connection is bad and he cannot access his banks for money. Said that I could check that he has a lot of money in the account.