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Naic is also the very first town in the country to pass an ordinance banning pigs from the street. It is one of the greatest achievement of Naic because the other towns followed suit.The municipality of Naic is located on the western part of the province along the shorlines of Manila Bay.Ternate was the name of the home in Mollucas of the settlers who were sent by the Dutch and Portuguese to the Philippines to fight the Chinese Pirates; Wawa was the name for this Shores-rich little site; Barra was the name given for this "Docking Place or Site" of Maragondon.) Better spelled NAIC as an acronym-for Nuestra Adorada (or Amable or Amante) Inmaculada Concepción, Spanish for Our Adorable (or Amiable or Loving) Immaculate Conception, referring to the Patroness of the then barrio, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, whose feast the barrio celebrated (and the Town continues to celebrate) on December 8.Naic has several histories when it comes to the origin of its name.Furthermore, five events significant to the revolution took place in Naic. The designing of the first official flag of the country which took place in Sulok, Naic, Cavite (the present Velamart). The creation of the Naic Military Agreement, a document by which Andres Bonifacio sought to assert his authority as leader of the Philippine revolutionary government in defiance of Emilio Aguinaldo's government initiated in Tejeros (Casa Hacienda de Naic). The appointment of the first cabinet ministers including the Departments of Interior, Justice, Finance, and Defence (Casa Hacienda de Naic). The Battle of Timalan where the Filipino revolutionists won overwhelmingly against the Spanish troops (Timalan, Naic Cavite). The Battle of Naic where Aguinaldo declared the town to be his last defense (Poblation) (Medina, 1996, de Achutegui, 1972; Aguinaldo, 1964; T. A sprinkling of upperclassmen could also be found in other towns of Cavite whose wealth came from rural landholdings, urban properties, and/or successful business ventures.

Naic, Cavite is one of the former barrios of Maragondon, along with 1) Magallanes (named after Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who was recognized as the first world circumnavigator, after reaching the Philippines under the Spanish Flag); 2) Bailen (named after a town in Spain wherefrom the Friar Baltazar Narváez came, but renamed and now, General Emilio Aguinaldo, after the first President of the First Philippine Republic; 3) Tagaytay City, a former part of Alfonso; 4) Alfonso, (named after the King Alfonso who ascended the throne as a youngster, after his mother, a child Queen abdicated—after being enthroned by a General -later Count- Narváez); and 5) Ternate (a town with three names, Ternate, Wawa, Barra.

When the Jesuits discovered Maragondon in 1627, its total land area covers the whole of Naic, Ternate, and Magallanes (Vance; Saulo and De Ocampo, 1990; Medina, 1992).

In 1758, the Jesuits founded a community in the western bank of the river (present Barangay Muzon) and made it into a "sitio" with a visita still under Maragondon.

Another theory put forward is that Naic is an acronym for Nuestra Adorada Immaculada Concepcion.

The town's name is the Spanish translation of the town's patron saint, Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion.

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